Client Activities

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1 Introduction

Client Activities perform activities in the client, for example, opening a page or showing a message. The activities described in this document are in the Client Activities section of the Toolbox and can differ for microflows and nanoflows:

Client Activities

The following are the client activities you can use in your microflow or nanoflow:

  • Nanoflow call (only in nanoflows) – calls another nanoflow
  • Close page – closes the currently open page
  • Download file (only in microflows) – downloads a file using the browser
  • Show home page (only in microflows) – opens the home page for the end-user
  • Show message – shows a message to the end-user
  • Show page – shows a selected page to the end-user
  • Synchronize to device (only in microflows) – enables selectively synchronizing a set of objects to the device when calling a microflow from a nanoflow
  • Synchronize (only in nanoflows) – synchronizes data between your device and the server
  • Validation feedback – does a validation check, and if this check fails, it shows a message to the end-user

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