Context Source

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1 Introduction

The Context source is a data source of a data view. Data views with this data source get their object from the context, which can be one of two things:

  • A surrounding data container such as a data view or list view – in this case, the Entity (path) property should follow an association
  • The page parameter – the page parameter will contain the object that is passed to the page when opening it (either another page passing the parameter or a microflow passing an object)

2 Properties

2.1 Entity (Path)

The Entity (path) property specifies the entity that will be shown in the data view. If you have a top-level data view, Entity (path) is an entity and the page will expect the object or objects of this entity to be passed to it when opened.

If you have a nested data view, you can select an entity that has associations with the entity of a surrounding data container, and the entity of the surrounding data container should be a parent of this association. For more information on associations, see Associations.

Context Source

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