End Event

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1 Introduction

An end event defines where the flow will stop.

An end event can return a value: an object, enumeration, a list, etc. For more information, see the Return Value section.

In the example below, a Buyer variable of the Customer entity is returned by the end event:

The number of end events depends on the number of possible outcomes of the microflow or a nanoflow. That means there can be more than one end event, for example when a decision is used:

2 Behavior Properties

2.1 Return Value

The return value is the value that is returned to the flow that called the current flow. If you have several end events and they have a return value, they all need to return a value of the same type. For example, if one of the end events returns an object of type Entity, the others need to return the same type:

You can choose to return nothing, or to return, for example, a list, enumeration, or Boolean value:

The return value can be entered as an expression.

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