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1 Introduction

The File menu allows you to manage documents and projects, for example, to create a new project or save changes:

File Menu

2 Menu Items Overview

The File menu items are described in the table below:

Menu Item Description Shortcut Key
New Document Creates a new document within the app currently open. You can choose the name, location, and type of document. Ctrl + N
New Project Creates a new single-developer project. A single-developer project is simply a file (with the extension .mpr , which stands for “Mendix project”) that is stored in the local file system. For more information on the New Project menu item and its settings, see New Project. Ctrl + Shift + N
Open Project Opens an existing single-developer project (.mpr) or a project package (.mpk). See New Project above for information on single-developer projects. For more information on the Open Project menu item, see Open Project. Ctrl + Shift + O
Recent Projects Shows a list of recently opened projects for quick opening.
Save Saves the changes in the currently active document tab. Ctrl + S
Save All Saves the changes in all documents that are open. Ctrl + Shift + S
Close Closes the current document. You will be asked to save or discard changes when needed. Ctrl + W
Close All Closes all document tabs. You will be asked to save or discard changes when needed. Ctrl + Shift + W
Close Project Closes the currently open project and return to the start page.
Export as Image Exports the current document as an image in the .png format. The following document types can be exported as images: microflows, domain models, document templates, and XML mappings.
Export Project Package Exports the current app to a project package (.mpk) file. This is useful for example when you want to give someone the entire app, or when you need to provide a test app when submitting a ticket. For more information on how to export a project package, see Export Project Package.
Import Project Package Imports a project package that was created with the Export Project Package menu item. For more information on importing a project package, see Import Project Package.
Exit Closes Studio Pro

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