Generate Document

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1 Introduction

The Generate document activity is used to write a document to a file, based on a document template.

Generate Document

For more information on which types of documents can be created, see Document Type.

2 Properties

There are two sets of properties for this activity, those in the dialog box on the left, and those in the properties pane on the right:

Generate Document Properties

The Generate document properties pane consists of the following sections:

3 Action Section

The Action section of the properties pane shows the action associated with this activity.

You can open a dialog box to configure this action by clicking the ellipsis () next to the action.

You can also open the dialog box by double-clicking the activity in the microflow or right-clicking the activity and selecting Properties.

3.1 File

The name of the file document that will contain the generated document. It should be an object of entity System.FileDocument or its specialization.

3.2 Language

The language in which the titles and labels of the document should appear is described in the table below:

Option Description
Current user (default) Use the language of the current user.
Project default Use the default language that is specified in the Project Settings.
Variable Use the language stored in the selected object, which must be of type System.Language.

3.3 Document Type

The document type specifies the type of the generated document.

Option Description
HTML Generate a document in HTML format.
PDF Generate a document in PDF format.
Word 2007 Generate a document in Word 2007 format.
Word 2003 Generate a document in Word 2003 format.
Rich-text format Generate a document in Rich-text format.
ODT Generate a document in Open Office (ODT) format.

3.4 Override Margins

Override margins allows you to set custom margins for your documents. By using variables, these can be defined at runtime.

3.5 Template

Template defines which document template is used to generate the file. Depending on the selected document template one or more arguments need to be specified.

3.6 Arguments

Depending on the selected document, you will see a list of its arguments in a table. Arguments pass data to the activity.

3.5.1 Widget

The name of the widget in the document template that needs arguments to be passed to it. This property is read-only.

3.5.2 Type

The type of the argument used in the document template that is read-only.

3.5.3 Argument

The Edit argument button allows you to edit the argument value. An argument is the input data that you are passing to the document template. For each document template parameter (for each non-nested data view and data grid), you must supply an argument of the same type. The values of the arguments are expressed using expressions.

4 Common Section

For more information on properties in this section, see Common Properties.