Getting the Make It Native App

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1 Introduction

The Make It Native app allows developers to preview, test, and debug native mobile apps in conjunction with Mendix Studio Pro. It is available for both Android and iOS devices.

For more information on using the Make It Native app to test an app, see How To Get Started with Native Mobile. For advanced information on debugging with the Make It Native app, see Debug Native Mobile Apps (Advanced). If your app will require custom dependencies, such as custom widgets or fonts, see How to Create a Custom Developer App.

For information on which mobile operating systems are supported by the Make It Native app, see the Mobile Operating Systems section of System Requirements.

To download the Make It Native app, search for Make It Native 8 in your device’s app store, or select one of the download links below:

2 Archives

Occasionally Mendix will introduce features, bug fixes, and functionality that will make the Make It Native app incompatible with older versions of the Mendix Studio Pro.

For example, you might be working on a time-critical project where updating to the latest Mendix Studio Pro version might be difficult, and due to incompatible changes on the Make It Native app your latest app might not work.

To solve this issue and others like it, the apps provided in this document can be installed side by side with the latest Make It Native app. Those apps working together will allow you to continue your work unimpeded.

2.1 Android

To acquire the archive you need, see the Android Make It Native Archive. To install the APKs, navigate with your device to the link provided, choose the version you would like to install, then download and install it on your device. You can also scan one of the QR codes with your device in the Direct Downloads section below..

2.2 iOS

iOS archive versions for Make It Native are served via TestFlight links. To join a specific TestFlight version of the Make It Native app and install it, tap the appropriate link using the device with the account you would like to join TestFlight with. Use the TestFlight app to install the version of the app you already joined.

3.1 Make It Native for Studio Pro 8.8 and Below:

Android iOS
Android QR Code iOS QR Code
Link Link

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