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1 Introduction

In Studio Pro editors, such as navigation, page, or microflow editor, you can access a handy menu by right-clicking items. A Go to option is commonly used to find your way in a project. It allows you to navigate from one element to another: for example, to navigate to the target of a button or to the source of a data grid.

2 Go To Option

The examples of using the Go to option are described below:

  • Opening a target of a menu item – in Project > Navigation, you can right-click a menu item and select Go to target. Studio Pro will open the corresponding target of the menu item,for example, a page. Go to Target
  • Opening a data source of an element – on pages, you can navigate to the data source of a widget. For example, you can right-click a button in the data grid and select Go to microflow. Mendix Studio Pro will open the corresponding microflow: Go to Microflow
  • Opening an entity from a microflow – you can navigate to an entity in the domain model if you right-click an activity in the microflow and select Go to entity. Mendix Studio Pro will open the corresponding domain model: Go to Entity

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