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1 Introduction

Images can be used to brighten up your application. Navigation items and the various kinds of buttons have small images (icons) to left of their captions. Images can also be used in the image viewer widgets in pages and document templates. Also, enumeration values can have images that can then be shown in data grid columns.

The System module contains some images that are used by the standard components. If you place a data view on a page, the Save and Cancel buttons will have images from the System module on them. You can always use different images if you like. The same holds for images on the control bar buttons of the data grid.

2 Supported Formats

The following image formats are supported: png, jpeg, gif, bmp, and svg. The png format is recommended, as it is compressed without losing any information and supports transparency very well.

3 Custom Images

To use your own images, they must first be added to an image collection. For information on how to create an image collection, and add images to it, see Image Collection.

You should not add custom images to the existing image collections in imported modules, for example in the Atlas UI module. If you do this, there is a risk that they may be overwritten if you import a new version of the module at a later date.

Once you have added images to an image collection, you can use them in any module in your app.

4 Common Properties

4.1 Name

This the name of the image.