App Modeling

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1 Introduction

Mendix Studio Pro allows you to create, view, and edit your Mendix applications. This category of documentation describes the functionality used for modeling your app in Studio Pro.

App modeling is a process of creating and configuring an app, such as creating pages, adding data and logic, configuring security, and integrating with other applications. As well as Studio Pro, you can also model apps in Mendix Studio.

For more introductory information, see Studio Pro Overview.

2 Main Documents in This Category

  • Project Explorer – presents information on structuring your project, including important details on security
  • Domain Model – contains information on creating and maintaining the data model for your app
  • Pages – gives information on creating and configuring pages, as well as various elements on them
  • Application Logic – gives details on how to use and configure microflows and nanoflows: elements that add logic to your app
  • Resources – introduces various individual resources (documents) that you can use in your application, such as Java actions, enumerations, scheduled events
  • Integration – details methods for integrating with both Mendix and non-Mendix applications
  • XPath – introduces you to the Mendix query language, including details on XPath constraints, functions, and tokens