Object Activities

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1 Introduction

When working with the Mendix Platform, objects of entities are always being manipulated. This happens implicitly within data widgets on a page, or explicitly using activities in microflows and nanoflows.

The activities in this section of the microflow and nanoflow toolbox generally work on single objects, however commit object(s), delete object(s), and retrieve also work on lists of objects. For other activities which work with lists, see List Activities.

The activities described in this document are in the Object Activities section of the Toolbox:

Object activities toolbox

The following are the object activities you can use in your microflow or nanoflow:

  • Cast object (only in microflows) – changes the type of object from a generalized object type to the specialized object type

  • Change object – changes the members of an object

  • Commit objects(s) – either stores objects of persistable entities in the database or stores objects of non-persistable entities in memory to allow them to be rolled back

  • Create object – creates an object

  • Delete object(s) (only in microflows) – activity deletes one or more objects

  • Retrieve – gets one or more objects of an entity

  • Rollback object – undoes uncommitted changes made to an object

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