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1 Introduction

To open a project in Mendix Studio Pro, do one of the following:

  • Open the File menu in the top bar > Open Project
  • Click Open App on the Studio Pro landing page

The Open App dialog box will open, where you can select the app location:

Open App

For more information on the app location, see the Where Is Your App Stored? section

Apps can be located on the Team Server, on another SVN server, or on the local disk. When opening an app from the Team Server or another SVN server, Studio Pro will check whether you have already downloaded this app. If so, it will simply open it. If not, the app will be downloaded from the version control server first.

2 Where Is Your App Stored?

Use this setting to select the location where your app is stored. This can be the Team Server, a private server, that is an SVN server other than the Team Server, or a local disk. An app on disk can also be stored in the Team Server or another SVN server, in this case there is no difference in opening it using the Team Server/Private server option and or the Locally on disk option.

2.1 Mendix Team Server

Select the Team Server app you would like to open, then choose the development line.

For more information about the Mendix Team Server, see Team Server.

For more information about development lines, see Version Control.

2.2 Private Server

In the App repository address field, enter the address of the app you want to open and press the Connect button to load development lines from the repository. Then choose the development line in which you want to start developing.

2.3 Locally on Disk

For opening an app you already have on disk, simply point to the project file.

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