Publish a Microflow as a REST Operation

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1 Introduction

To publish a microflow as a REST service operation, right-click in the microflow editor and select Publish as REST service operation.

Notice that if the microflow takes more than one parameter of an object or list type, it cannot be published as a REST operation. If you try to publish it, there will be a consistency error.

2 Choosing a Resource

After you click Publish as REST service operation, you need to select a resource under which to publish the microflow. There are several options:

  • If you already have a service and a resource under which to publish the microflow, select it and click Select
  • If you already have a service but you want to create a resource, select the service and click New
  • If you want to create a new service, select a module or folder and click New

The suggested name of the resource is the entity of a parameter of the microflow or the entity result of the microflow.

3 Editing the Operation

After you have selected or created a service and a resource, you can edit the operation.

The suggested value for Method is POST when the microflow takes an object or list parameter. Otherwise, it is GET.