Report Parameter

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1 Introduction

A Report parameter allows the end-user to select a parameter for the data set that supplies the data for a Report grid. The parameter is used to filter the results in different ways so that the same report can display different sets of data.

For example, a report may show order data for a customer and the report parameter can be used to specify which customer’s data should be displayed.

The report parameter is displayed in structure mode with the data set parameter name (and the attribute to be displayed if the parameter is an object) shown between square brackets and colored blue.

Report parameter in structure mode

2 Report Parameter Properties

An example of report parameter properties is represented in the image below:

Report parameter in structure mode

Report parameter properties consist of the following sections:

2.1 Common Section

For more information on properties in this section, see the Common Section section in Properties Common in the Page Editor.

2.2 Design Properties Section

The Design Properties allow you to change spacing and alignment of the widget and hide it on phone, tablet, or desktop, if needed. Design properties may vary depending on the type of the widget. For example, for the text widget you can change its font weight, color, alignment, and letter case.

2.3 General Section

2.3.1 Parameter

Parameter is set to a data set parameter, the value of which is restricted by this widget. The corresponding data set must be used by one of the report widgets on the page.

2.3.2 Displayed Attribute

Displayed attribute is only available if the data set parameter is an object. Displayed attribute specifies which attribute of the corresponding entity is shown in the drop-down selection.