Snippet Call

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1 Introduction

The Snippet call widget allows you to use a snippet on a page, a layout, or another snippet:

Snippet Call Example

2 Properties

An example of snippet call properties is represented in the image below:

Snippet Call Properties

Snippet call properties consist of the following sections:

2.1 Common Section

For more information on properties in this section, see the Common Section section in Properties Common in the Page Editor.

2.2 Design Properties Section

The Design Properties allow you to change spacing and alignment of the widget and hide it on phone, tablet, or desktop, if needed. Design properties may vary depending on the type of the widget. For example, for the text widget you can change its font weight, color, alignment, and letter case.

2.3 General Section

This section contains the Snippet property, it shows the name of an actual snippet that will be displayed here.

3 Performing Specific Actions

To perform actions on a snippet call, select it on a page and right-click it. The list of possible actions opens. While some actions from this list, such as Select snippet, are a quick way to set the properties, the following actions are specific actions that you can perform:

  • Show snippet – opens a snippet selected for a snippet call
  • Inline snippet – turns the snippet call into widgets that the selected snippet consists of

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