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Release date: July 21st, 2020


Entity (Element)

  • We introduced the capabilities property for what an entity is capable of.

EntityCapabilities (Element)

  • We introduced this element for what an entity is capable of.


PublishedODataService (ModelUnit)

  • We introduced the replaceIllegalChars property, which allows for the export of content with illegal characters to XML by replacing them.

ConsumedODataService (ModelUnit)

  • We added the public applicationId property.
  • We introduced the alternativeText property.
  • We introduced the appTitle and appIcon properties.
  • We deleted the applicationTitle property. Use the appTitle property instead.


ClientAction (Element)

  • We introduced the disabledDuringExecution property.

PageSettings (Element)

  • We introduced the titleOverride property.
  • We deleted the formTitle property.

DivContainer (Element)

  • We introduced the screenReaderHidden property.

TextBox (Element)

  • We introduced the autocompletePurpose property.

InputWidget (Element)

  • We introduced the screenReaderLabel property.

ActionButton (Element)

We deleted the disabledDuringAction property.


WorkflowActivity (Element)

  • We added the public caption property.