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Release date: April 13th, 2017

  • Added support for Modeler version 7.2.0.


Release date: March 17th, 2017

  • Property pageSettings of element pages.NewButton is no longer optional.
  • Added support for Modeler version 7.1.0.


  • Fixed support for Modeler version 7.0.2


  • Added support for Modeler version 6.10.4
  • Added support for Modeler version 7.0.2


Fixed an issue with internal properties being accidentally included in the typings.


Added support for Modeler version 7.0.1 Beta 2.


Impact Description
Low Idempotent splices in listy part properties are recognized and do nothing (instead of potentially breaking the model).
None Unresolved by-name references are now reported as part of running checks on a unit.
Low The deploy operation has been deprecated and is replaced by startAppUpdate and getAppUpdateStatus. Similarly, getDeploymentStatus has been superseded by getAppEnvironmentStatus (Low impact, as deployment cannot be used for SDK created projects)

Note: impact = low means “some code might work now”.


Impact Description
High Breaking change! The method moduleName has been removed from the (I)ModelUnit types - use qualifiedName (from (I)AbstractElement) instead.
Low Fixed several problems with moving an element around between containers.
Low Fixed a problem with not being able to fix unresolvable by-name references.
Low All NPM dependencies now have a caret version range, so that they can play along as peer dependencies of downstreams.
None Add support for Modeler version 7.0.0.
None Added a move(from, to) method to properties containing multiple structures (such a pages.VerticalFlow.widgets).
None Added possibility of deleting model units (such as Pages).
None Fixed a problem with extraneous traffic to the Model API.
None Internal improvement w.r.t. success/error handling in raw deployment.
None Added checks for WM release.

Note: impact = low means “some code might work now”.

Add “deleting model units”: You do this by using splice on the container of a model unit; for example,:

const deleteIndex = page.container.documents.indexOf(page);
page.container.documents.splice(deleteIndex, 1);