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These are the release notes for the Model SDK version 4.


Release date: July 29th, 2019

  • We added support for Mendix 8.0.0 GA.
  • We added transaction support, which brings the ability to manually commit / rollback changes.


Release date: July 2nd, 2019

  • We added support for Mendix 8.0.0 Beta 3.
  • We improved the performance of loading units.


Release date: June 3rd, 2019


Release date: April 26th, 2019

  • We added support for Mendix 8.0.0 Beta 1.
  • We fixed the rename for by-name references that refer to the base class.


Release date: February 8th, 2019

  • We added support for Mendix 7.23.0.
  • It is now possible to perform operations (such as delete working copy) on working copies that have a newer metamodel version than the one this Model SDK supports. This was not possible before, as we checked the metamodel version for every operation. Now, we only check the metamodel version when actually opening a working copy.


Release date: December 13th, 2018

  • We added the ability to use promises instead of callbacks when using the Model SDK. All methods in ModelSdkClient and Model as well as the load() method of model elements now feature promise-based overloads in addition to the original callback-based ones.
  • We added support for Mendix 7.22.0.
  • We added a lock type parameter to the unlockWorkingCopy API.


Release date: November 30th, 2018

  • We added new working copy lock type update.
  • We added support for Mendix 7.21.0.
  • We added new working copy lock type commit.
  • We fixed the duplicate processing of events.
  • We upgraded to Node.JS version 10.


Release date: October 31st, 2018

Story Impact Description
MS-1144 None Upgraded to TypeScript 3.1.
MS-1156 None Added onEventProcessed hook to AbstractModel.
MS-1157 None Added optional param to deepCopy() so the client can map from the original ID.
MS-1162 None Removed the utils.serializeToJs(unit) method, which has been replaced by JavaScriptSerializer.serializeToJs(unit).
MS-1172 None Added support for Mendix 7.20.0.


Release date: October 3rd, 2018

Story Impact Description
MS-1105 None Added support for Mendix 7.19.0.
MS-1091 None Enabled creating a working copy directly from Team Server.
MS-1083 None Added a method to create an element from JSON.
WMC-1409 None Added an Edit-Lock-Id header to importModuleMpk.
MS-891 None Added retries.


Story Impact Description
MS-1046 None Added support for Mendix 7.18.0.
MS-1032 None Bumped Typescript version to 3.0.
MS-946 None Ensure that the local model is updated correctly when importing a module package.
MS-1040 None Fixed an issue where units did not load when stopping receiving changes.
MS-947 None Process unit creation and deletion when receiving changes.


Story Impact Description
MS-1018 None We added support for Mendix 7.17.


Story Impact Description
WMC-1246 None Upgraded MobX dependency to v5.0.0.
MS-918 None Added ability to process incoming events from the Model Server.
MS-937 None Upgraded TypeScript dependency to v2.9.1.
MS-972 None Added support for Mendix 7.16.0.


Story Impact Description
MS-788 None Added delete-structural-unit functionality.
MS-822 None Improved the Model SDK performance.
MS-886 None Removed the Lodash dependency from Model SDK.
MS-911 None Added support for Desktop Modeler version 7.15.0.


Story Impact Description
MS-786 None Added Import Module feature.
MS-846 None Upgrade to Typescript 2.8.1.
MS-870 Low The Model SDK now requires an ES6 environment to run.
MS-872 None Fixed delta reverser for primitive list property.
MS-893 None Added support for Modeler version 7.14.0.
WMC-955 None Parse MxBuild errors in the Model SDK.
WMC-1165 None Expose lockId and duration for edit locks.
WMC-1105 None Upgrade to MobX 4.


Story Impact Description
MS-819 None Added support for Modeler version 7.13.0.
MS-814 None Exported ILockWorkingCopyResponse in the Model SDK.
MS-802 None Added a force option to allow users to set an edit lock with one API call.


Story Impact Description
MS-669 None Added new working copy lock type edit.
MS-726 None Added support for Desktop Modeler version 7.12.0.
MS-708 None Upgraded to TypeScript version 2.7.1.


Story Impact Description
MS-678 None Upgraded npm dependencies to latest versions.
MS-674 Low Added support for Modeler version 7.11.0.
MS-464 Medium For models created in Mendix 7.11.0 and above, all the properties that used to refer to entities and attributes using a string value have been replaced by properties that use the newly introduced types domainmodels.EntityRef and domainmodels.AttributeRef. An example is property pages.MemberWidget.attributePath, which has been replaced by the new property attributeRef from 7.11.0 onwards.


Story Impact Description
MS-628 None Added support for Modeler version 7.10.0.
MS-621 None Fixed the error message from element.containerAs* when the container type is not correct.
MS-628 None Introduced a new document type called Nanoflow and a new base class called ServerSideMicroflow, from which Microflow and Rule now both inherit.


Story Impact Description
MS-461 None Made the EntityType.entity and EnumerationType.enumeration properties in the new DataType metamodel public, so that they can be read without loading the model unit that contains the DataType instance.


Story Impact Description
MS-461 Medium Defined the new metamodel for DataType. From Mendix 7.9.0 onwards, the new properties of the DataType type should be used instead of the old properties of the String type.
MS-328 None Defined the new metamodel for microflow expressions (experimental).


Story Impact Description
MS-508 None Allow detaching elements contained by a required part property. An error is thrown if the required property is still empty after the current (synchronous) action.
MS-433 None Added the exportModuleMpk method to allow users to export an MPK file for a specific module in the working copy.
MS-477 None Experimental classes and properties are now marked as such in the TypeScript documentation.
MS-519 None Added support for Modeler version 7.8.0.


Story Impact Description
MS-471 None Added support for Modeler version 7.7.0.


Story Impact Description
MS-317 Medium Removed projectId from IWorkingCopy, as it was never set. Use IWorkingCopy.metaData.projectId instead.
MS-377 Medium Added optional locktype parameter to the lockWorkingCopy method.
MS-359 None Added support for Modeler version 7.6.0.
MS-352 Low Fixed the initialization of default values.

The code snippet below is an example of what was broken in MS-352. The default value of layoutCall should be null, but it used to be (incorrectly) set to a new instance of LayoutCall. This is no longer the case, and it can be fixed by initializing layout.layoutCall to a new LayoutCall instance before assigning the layout property.

const layout = pages.Layout.createIn(this.module);
layout.layoutCall.layout = this.masterLayout;


Story Impact Description
MS-287 Low From now on, we disallow deleting detached elements. Either delete the element directly, or re-attach it before deleting it.
1196423 None We added a filterUnitsByCustomWidgetId API to enable trusted backends to find units containing a specific custom widget type.
1197518 None It is now possible to specify the workingCopyId instead of getting a randomly generated one when creating a new working copy. This feature can only be used by trusted backends.
MS-216 None We removed the getEditorData internal API.
MS-296 None We added support for Modeler versions 7.4.0 and 7.5.0.


Story Impact Description
1085587 Breaking Moving elements now has to be done though the detach() function. For a full description of all the states and their meanings, see the Element States section of Changing Things in the Model. This does not affect reading models and elements.
1085587 Breaking Creating, deleting, and changing elements is restricted by their state. For a full description of all the states and their meanings, see Element States section of Changing Things in the Model. This does not affect reading models and elements.
1031416 Breaking The qualifiedName property for an element that is not attached to the model now returns undefined.
1052744 Breaking Elements that have no name property (like DomainModel) no longer have a qualifiedName property.
1031416 Breaking When assigning an element to a by-name reference (list) property, the element must have a valid qualified name first. This means that the element itself and any named containers should have a valid name.
1085587 Breaking The following methods have been removed from the interface IList<T>: intercept, move, observe, peek.
1109564 Breaking The property typeName that exists on every instance of a structure has been renamed to structureTypeName. All static typeName properties on structure classes are now called structureTypeName as well. (Ticket 49499)
1116073 Breaking Model.closeConnection now no longer calls the (success) callback in addition to the model error handler when an error occurs while sending model changes to the server. Instead, it calls the error callback, or, in case the error callback is not supplied, the model error handler.
1052744 Breaking The behavior of ModelSdkClient.createWorkingCopy has been changed so that it no longer opens the working copy right away. Instead, the specified callback gets passed an IWorkingCopy instance, which can be inspected or used to open the working copy. We have introduced the new method ModelSdkClient.createAndOpenWorkingCopy that mimics the old behavior.
1052744 Breaking We renamed Model.metadata to Model.workingCopy, as that name more accurately reflects its value.
1052744 Breaking We renamed the overload of Structure.load() that does not take a callback to asLoaded().
1052744 Breaking All the interfaces for elements that are not part of the interface of their model unit have been removed, as these were not used in the SDK and served no further purpose (for example, pages.IWidget and all its derivatives).
1052744 Breaking All the properties in interfaces for elements that are part of the interface of their model unit have become readonly to reflect the semantics of the model unit interfaces. If you want to change the value of such a property, you have to load the element using .load(...), or you can use .asLoaded() to convert it to the class type if you know that the element is already loaded.
1189165 Breaking The method Structure.deepCopyInto has been removed. A new method Element.deepCopy has been added.
1052744 Breaking The interface IDimension has been removed, as it was never used.
1052744 Breaking We renamed the class IEnum to AbstractEnum.
1052744 Breaking We removed setters for properties of the type IList. These setters were not really useful, as they required an argument of the type IList.
1052744 Breaking Specifying an error callback for Model.getAppEnvironmentStatus, Model.getAppUpdateStatus and Model.startAppUpdate is now required. The model error handler will no longer be used.
1186227 Breaking The interface IDelta is no longer exposed and has been replaced by the type Delta, which is a union type of all the possible delta types.
1031525 Low We changed the return type of Model.findModuleByQualifiedName to projects.IModule.
1031525 Low Structure.container is now a read-only property.
1031525 None Structure.container is now an observable property.
1052744 None We changed the return type of validateSyntax to string | null.
1052744 None Assigning a false value such as undefined to a property now results in the property value actually becoming null instead.
1026781 None We replaced Restler with Request.
1126173 None Added support for Modeler version 7.3.0.