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Release date: December 19th, 2019


New Features

  • The Enable for Mendix Studio button in the Branch Line Manager now turns into the Disable for Mendix Studio button if the branch is already enabled for Mendix Studio and allows you to disable Studio for the app project. If you are not using Studio for your app project, disabling it will make committing and updating faster. You can open the Branch Line Manager in the Studio Pro landing page (via Version Control > Manage Branch Lines) without opening an app project, and in this way, you can use this new feature for all the Mendix versions that support collaborative development.
  • We introduced a new type of parameter you can use to pass a string template into a Java action called String template.


  • Pluggable widgets now can be used to preview or download files with the help of a new file property where you are asked to configure an entity path to a file document.
  • Making changes to an image collection while your app is running no longer requires a full restart of the app.
  • The return type of a microflow/nanoflow will now be copied and used when pasting an end event into another microflow/nanoflow that does not have an end event or where the end event is set to Nothing. This makes copying and pasting parts of microflows/nanoflows a bit easier.
  • We rebuilt the Toolbox to give it the same look and feel as the new Project Explorer. Filter highlighting now works in the Toolbox, and no tools are shown when the current document is not editable. Also, we made some improvements in the user experience when you drag a tool from the Toolbox onto an editor, such as enabling dropping the tool regardless of which editor is active, which did not always work when multiple editors were open side by side. Dropping a tool into an editor now makes it active, and you can immediately undo this action with the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Z. In addition, error messages are only shown when needed in the bottom-left status bar (which normally says “Ready”), and the correct mouse pointer is shown while you drag a tool. Should you find any issues, you can switch back to the old version of the Toolbox via Edit > Preferences > New features.
  • We moved all menu items relating to version control to their own menu called Version Control, as these items deserved their own menu.
  • We improved the query difference warnings so that identical warnings are logged only once per instance of Mendix Runtime.
  • We have improved the startup performance of offline apps. Normally, an offline app syncs automatically on startup when it detects a new deployment has been made to Mendix Runtime. This is often not necessary, because the changes that come with a new deployment may not contain changes to the domain model. This process is now optimized, and offline apps will sync when a new Mendix version has been deployed or a domain model change used from an offline profile is detected.
  • We upgraded the Apache Commons Codec .jar (which is a runtime depencency) from version 1.12 to 1.13.
  • Call REST service and Call web service actions now have a timeout of 300 seconds by default. You can still customize this however you like.
  • In published OData services, you can now provide a (public) summary and description for attributes and navigation properties. These are added to the service’s metadata.
  • We are now doing stricter checks on the parameters passed to Core.execute methods.
  • We now provide a more meaningful error message when a sub-microflow in a read-only module is extracted.
  • The aggregate list microflow action will have an output variable of type decimal instead of float when the Average function is used.


  • We fixed the NotSupportException that was thrown when currentUser was accessed in an expression. (Ticket 92387)
  • We fixed an issue with many-to-many associations (where both objects refer to each other) that caused an association to not be persisted when the associated object was committed instead of the associating object. This error also appeared randomly when the association change was committed in a subsequent request from the client. (Ticket 89553)
  • We fixed an issue problem where fields on a form were cleared when a validation error occurred. (Ticket 90631)
  • We fixed an issue on native mobile apps where text boxes ended up underneath the keyboard on iOS. An upgrade and release of your native app is required.

Known Issues

  • On MySQL 8.0.19 and above, when a unique validation rule for an attribute is violated, the generic error message “An error occured, please contact your system administrator” is shown instead of the configured error message for the validation rule. This will be fixed in Mendix Studio Pro 8.6.0.
  • Using a reference over associations in offline apps can throw an error. This will be fixed in Mendix Studio Pro 8.6.0.(Ticket 93869)
  • There is an issue with deployment when you use the new layout grid for web or native pages. This occurs only when using the combination of Mendix Studio Pro 8.5.0 and Atlas UI Resources 2.4.0 (to check your Atlas UI version, consult the Atlas UI Resources module in your app in Studio Pro). This will be fixed in Mendix Studio Pro 8.6.0.
    • Workaround: If you do not need to use the new layout grid, you can downgrade the Atlas UI Resources module in your app to version 2.3.1. However, doing this means you will not be able to use the new layout grid. Please note this cannot be fixed in Studio – you have to use Studio Pro.
  • Changes in a change object activity are being executed all at once instead of being executed sequentially. In an example scenario, there is an input object “Entity” with an “Attribute1” with the value of old value. If the value of “Attribute1” is changed to new value and the value of “Attribute2” is changed to $Entity/Attribute1 in the change object activity, the result is that “Attribute1” is updated to new value, but the value of “Attribute2” is updated to old value (when it should also be updated to new value). This will be fixed in Mendix Studio Pro 8.6.0.
  • Retrieving objects through one-to-one associations in hybrid offline apps can cause errors. (Tickets 92757, 92765)
  • The Core.execute(IContext context, String name, Object... params) method throws a NullPointerException when it is used to execute a microflow that has parameters of the list type with a list containing one or more null elements.
  • MySQL 8.0 cannot be used with the default authentication plugin as of this moment. Mendix uses the open-source MariaDB driver to connect, which has not yet added support. We will include the updated driver as soon as it is released. To resolve this issue, you may consider using the previous default plugin until the driver has been updated.
  • The first deployment of an app project with a native mobile profile takes approximately one minute longer than usual, as the first deployment needs to build up a cache. On consecutive deployments, this time is reduced.