Document Viewer

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1 Introduction

The Document Viewer widget enables embedding and viewing any System.FileDocument object inside a page. By using microflows or the file downloader in Studio Pro, documents can be opened as downloaded or inside a new window. And with this widget, files can be opened inside data views.

1.1 Typical Use Cases

With this widget, you can display uploaded images, PDFs, or office documents on your app pages.

1.2 Limitations

The widget tries to display a document inside a page. However, it may fail to do this, since browser settings determine whether a document can be opened inside a page. In such cases, a download pop-up window is opened. For example, Internet Explorer may succeed in opening a .doc file inside a page and fail in opening a .png image, while exactly the opposite may be true for FireFox.

2 Configuration

This widget should be used inside a data view, with a domain object which is a specialization (descendant) of System.FileDocument.

3 Properties

3.1 Appearance Tab

3.1.1 Title

This is the caption of the viewer.

3.1.2 Width

This is the width of the viewer in pixels. Use 0 for auto. The height will depend on the contents.

3.1.3 Height

This is the height of the viewer in pixels. Use 0 to determine the width automatically. This will use any remaining space.