Any Chart Building Blocks

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1 Introduction

Any Chart is a widget which is available in the Mendix Marketplace here: Any Chart module. The Any Chart module enables you to build all the chart types that are possible with Plotly.js up to the version mentioned in the widget description in the Marketplace. More about Plotly.js is available here:

Any Chart building blocks are pre-configured page building blocks with the basic properties of a chart already defined. They can be placed on a Mendix page in the same way as any other widget or building block. They contain samples of the data and Layout objects which are required to create a chart. These objects are used for demo purposes at run time when there is no Source attribute selected or when rendering sample data in the Studio preview.

2 Properties

The Any Chart building blocks contain the basic configuration essential for the widget. Some changes need to be made to customize the look of the chart. The properties below should, as a minimum, be configured when placing an Any Chart building block in your app.

Open the properties of an Any Chart widget by double-clicking on the widget.

2.1 Data

The data to be plotted is described in an array usually called data, whose elements are trace objects of various types (for example, scatter, bar etc) as documented in the Full Reference.

2.1.1 Static

A data JSON array based on

2.1.2 Source attribute

The attribute data will merge and overwrite Static data.

2.1.3 Sample Data

Data for preview. It will be merged with the Static data in Studio or at runtime when no Source attribute is selected.

2.1.4 Mode

The development mode adds a button to the charts when running the app which is used to toggle a live editor for the advanced configuration options.

2.2 Layout Options

The layout of the plot – non-data-related visual attributes such as the title or annotations – is described in an object usually called layout, as documented in the Full Reference.

2.2.1 Static

A JSON object based on

2.2.2 Source Attribute

The attribute layout will merge and overwrite static layout options.

2.2.3 Sample Layout

Layout options for preview. It will be merged with the ‘Static’ in Studio or at runtime when no ‘Source attribute’ is selected.