Drag Microflows & Pages into a Microflow

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1 Introduction

Coming home with sore hands from using the mouse too much during the day is uncomfortable. This how-to will teach you how to use the mouse more efficiently while modeling a Mendix app.

This how-to will teach you how to do the following:

  • Generate a submicroflow from selected actions
  • Drag a microflow or a page into a microflow

2 Prerequisites


3 Generating a Submicroflow from Selected Actions

If possible, re-using logic is an important procedure while developing apps. The actions that form the reusable logic can be selected and turned into a submicroflow. This just takes two clicks, as shown in this animation:

4 Dragging a Page into a Microflow

Dragging an existing form from the Project Explorer reduces the amount of mouse clicks and mouse pointer hovering:

5 Dragging a Microflow into a Microflow

Instead of creating a new submicroflow action, it can be easier to drag an existing microflow into the current one.

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