Commit Dialog

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1 Introduction

The Commit dialog box is used for committing changes to the Team Server. You can enter a message and—if applicable—select related stories.

2 Branch

At the top of the dialog box you will see the branch which you are committing. This will be one of the following:

Branch type Description
You are committing the main line.
You are committing the specified branch.

3 Message

In the Message field, enter a message describing the changes you have made. This message may contain multiple lines. If you want to confirm the form by keyboard and you are inside the message box you can use Ctrl + Enter.

4 Commit Tabs

4.1 Related Stories

On the Related stories tab page, select the check boxes next to the stories that are related to your commit. We recommend small sets of changes so that there is usually just one related story.

4.2 Changes in Model

If there are changes in the model, the Changes in model tab page will show a summary of those changes in the form of a grid.

4.3 Changes on Disk

If there are changes on disk, the Changes on disk tab page will show a summary of those changes in the form of a grid. The tab page will be hidden if there are no disk changes. In the very common case that there are model changes and the only change on disk is the project file (.mpr) it will also be hidden, because it does not add useful information in that case.