Microflow Activities

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Integration Activitities

Integration activities can be used to integrate with other systems, for example by calling a web service.

Graphic Name Description
Call REST action Call rest action can be used to call a REST endpoint. You can use mappings to map results to entities or entities to requests. You can also use string templates and store the result in a string variable.
Call web service Call web service action can be used to call one of the imported web services. The content of the request can be edited. Furthermore the response of the webservice can be mapped to entities, stored in a variable or be ignored.
Import with mapping Import with mapping can be used to parse the data in a string variable or data stored in a file document, and store them to entities defined in the domain model of the database. An Import Mapping is used to map the incoming XML or JSON to entities.
Export with mapping Export with mapping can be used to export the data stored in domain model entities into an XML or JSON string. It can also be stored in a file document. An Export Mapping is used to map domain model entities into XML or JSON.